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Models / Yoko

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Yoko Vital Stats:
Age:  23
Fun Fact:  Eats ALL cum, even from the FLOOR

We really don't know what Vietnamese style is BUT, she loves cum so much that you'll see her lick it from cocks, balls, tits and even the FLOOR! Nothing goes to waste with her and even though her English is terrible, she speaks the universal language of raunchy slutty sex!! She's no holds barred about it and no matter how many guys start fucking her or jerking off over her, she swallows every drop down and even scoops it from her own pussy and eats it! We love her just the way she is!! BTW..her husband likes to watch and we caught him one time sucking cock in the mens room while his wife was fucking in a bedroom!...LOL
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YOKO and the Trailer Park Boyz
52 min of video